Empower the Youth

This summer the life I knew dramatically changed as Reno and I welcomed our new daughter Marley Summer into the world. She is a gift and every moment of her life has humbled me.

I feel this blessing will never be paralelled in my life. My journey in creating, sustaining and birthing Marley marks a major transformation in my life and as I try to find the words to describe it – the one that jumps is gratitude. Overwhelming gratitude. For God, my Partner, my body, my health and mostly my daughters health.

As I sit with this feeling of gratitude, I realise my dharma. To take care of this little soul to the best of my ability. To live my yoga with her, share what I have learned – countinue to send out every breath to her and remind her that she is a perfect part of nature.

I reflect on this because I know I got lost along the way at times. I was reading over a friends blog directed at teen girls yoga and I was really struck by the concept. I wish I had yoga at 15. It may have saved me some lost time in wallowing in my own self pity & destructive behaviour.

I’m grateful to have come to yoga when I did and I trust it must have been the perfect time for me. Teaching the 8 limbs of yoga, what an amazing tool to give our youth. To empower them and remind them of the ultimate truths – we are all connected, we are all unique and beautiful and we all have gifts to share with the world.



Dedicated to the One

A friend of mine recently interviewed Reno and I for her website. (read the article here)

Reflecting on her simple questions about my practice I felt a real gratitude for where I’ve come from and where I’m going. It was also interesting to read what Reno wrote because although we have some different aspects to our personal practice, the devotion is the same. Surrendering up part of ourselves, our day, time, breath in service to something Great. Cultivating love and humility. This passion brought us together and helps us to stay aligned with each other and joyful on our path as we get ready to welcome a new human to the world. I feel my practice is a gift from God and I’m so blessed I get to share it with the one I love!


Take a deep breath.

Fill up with life,

and open

To the eternal.

the Connector.

the Sustainer.

the Creator.

Blessed Love –

filling you up,

and you are Light

as a feather,

and everything else

made up of Light.

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“There is no beauty without love and there is no love without beauty.

What is beauty? Are love and beauty interconnected? Does beauty derive from love? Or does love derive from beauty?

You will discover the amazing transformation in a person when she is loved, she blossoms, becoming more beautiful each day.

When we love what we are doing there is beauty in it and even the more insignificant work becomes attractive.

Love has no barriers, it is like a pool spring, pouring water endlessly. And it is perhaps this absence of limitation that gives wings to fly.

Beauty is the absence of a definite determined action, the freedom from slavery to an already formed ideal that drives us in a particular direction eliminates all other possibilities to wander among the many adventurous, and sometimes dangerous, roads. Beauty gives also the pleasure to uncover and the luxury to lose.”

Vanda Scaravelli

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. – Audrey Hepburn

Spring into surrender..

Lots of time has passed. I’ve been a bad blogger. Naughty me. I had a wonderful winter, because I didn’t really have much of one. In January, Reno and I left for Asia and spent a glorious 2 months on the beach. For those of you who don’t already know, I am expecting this June. Being away in a sunny tropical climate was medicine. I embraced my pregnancy as this beautiful unexpected blessing, as I was told by doctors that having babies would be very difficult for me, if was fertile at all. It was quite a shock to learn at 11 weeks, there was a baby in there! I had been doing my regular vinyasa practise — mayurasana was even in the repertoire then.. so it was news to me I had little one now to consider as I moved forward into this new chapter. No more mayurasasna for at least 7 more months 😉

Learning that I was pregnant, all of a sudden alot of things made sense. Having no energy, food aversions, nausea — it all became clear that these were symptoms of a baby. Duh. But when a medical doctor tells you there is something wrong with you, you trust that – and it makes its way into your being. Going to Asia after the trauma of my diagnosis – then the delight of the reality was the best thing for me, for the 3 of us really. Vitamin D, romantic sunsets, fresh fruit, being in bathtub warm water and digging a pit in the sand to suntan belly down was the best medicine.

Its been a crazy ride. Basically, puberty was the last time I had experienced any “real” changes in my physical body. Despite moments of discomfort and emotions I just don’t know what to do with,  It truly feels like a miracle is going on when I feel our baby spinning, swimming & dancing in my belly. Being pregnant is schooling me in how to surrender. To give up control and just trust. The faith I have in my heart that this baby is a gift. It chose to come now, at the exact right time for Reno and I to become parents… to share what we have learned and do our best and pour all our love into nurturing this new little soul.

I cannot believe I’m going to be a mother. It blows my mind. And probably will for a long time…. Maybe till my baby wants to go on dates and tells me I have no taste in music…

I feel there is alot of work I have yet to do – and I know that probably sounds selfish. I wanted to work on myself, continue to do asana, learn and play and travel and grow and accomplish things… and now there is a baby coming. I know I will have to sacrifice alot when baby comes, that it’s not about me anymore… and it hasn’t been since I found out I’m carrying this little light. I give myself up. My wish came true. When I thought I couldn’t have a baby I was very heartbroken. So,  I have been mad at myself for having these feelings, I have been struggling with feelings of unpreparedness mixed with desperation!  It’s been scary swimming in these waters alone, yet I know I’m not alone – every other female on the planet that has reproduced before me has probably felt the same. And don’t get me wrong, this pregnancy, has been beautiful — but I have definitely had moments where I need to take a breath.

As I approach motherhood – I am surrendering up my old self. I am learning to trust the wisdom of my own body more than I ever have. It is transformational is every sense of the word, and challenging me to see the light in all situations. I don’t think I can fully prepare for what natural childbirth will be like.. but I have an amazing partner, and I know I have a strong spirit. This feeling of confidence in kinda new too — I think it comes from all the mothers before me, passed down in my blood – through my DNA, through intuition — a mystic connection we as women have to our ancestors. I am feeling the true creative power of the mother and have an enormous feeling of gratitude and tranquility.

No matter what sensations, how much time passes and how difficult the process of giving birth will actually be – nothing can dull the anticipation of holding my baby. Already I love this little soul inside of me more than I can comprehend. I cannot wait to meet him/her.

stick to it…

Its been a very crazy last few weeks. I have been focusing on just being centered in “what is” and sticking to my ever constant theme of santosha (contentment) and to be steady in my intentions. Turns out intentions pan out big time.  Reno and I are expeiriencing  a real shift as intentions from the past few years really flourish now and we are staying present, staying true and enjoying every moment of what comes our way. We are off to Mexico next week and really excited for a good dose of Vitamin D and some time at the ocean. We will also be spending time with our families, which makes the trip extra special. We have 2 workshops planned while we are south of the boarder, if you are in and around Puerto Vallarta – do come!

Its been grey and rainy, here is a song FOR YOU!

Feel uplifted, and remember you are powerful beyond measure! Right now I feel so much gratitude to sticking to what I knew in my heart to be true.

Autumn Air

Inhale, and God approaches you. Hold the inhalation, and God remains with you. Exhale, and you approach God. Hold the exhalation, and surrender to God.